Nebraska Methodist College

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On-Line Adjunct Faculty - Healthcare Finance - BSHM

at Nebraska Methodist College

Posted: 6/6/2019
Job Status: Part Time
Job Reference #: 230829
Keywords: teaching

Job Description

Req Number:

Nebraska Methodist College

Located at:
Omaha, NE

Work at :


Additional Information:
BSH 404 Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement


Day Shift

Hours Per Week:

Starting Hourly Rate:

Contact Information:
  • Contact: Andrew Skarka

Job Details:
    • Purpose of Job
      • Provide effective student instruction to meet course objectives.
    • Job Requirements
      • Education
        • Completion of terminal degree deemed appropriate per programmatic needs in the assigned discipline from a regionally accredited institution required, with a minimum of 18 semester hours in content-specific related field; master’s and/or doctoral degree in related field preferred.

      • Experience
        • Minimum of one (1) year experience in area relevant to program assignment required; one or more years of experience in teaching at the post-secondary level is preferred.

      • License/Certifications
        • Where appropriate, Nebraska licensure and national certifications are required of faculty employed at Nebraska Methodist College.

      • Skills/Knowledge/Abilities
        • Ability to provide academic instruction, read, analyze, interpret and grade academic assignments in a higher educational environment.
        • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
        • Proficiency with personal computer and standard office applications.
        • Knowledge of various teaching methods and adult learning styles.
        • Skill in the effective use of resources including time, information and available services.
        • Knowledge and support of the College mission statement and its values.
    • Physical Requirements
      • Weight Demands
        • Light Work - Exerting up to 20 pounds of force.
          • NOTE: Faculty who work with students completing clinical assignments will be required to meet Medium Work standards-exerting up to 50 pounds of force.

      • Physical Activity
        • Occasionally Performed (1%-33%):
          • Balancing
          • Climbing
          • Carrying
          • Crawling
          • Crouching
          • Distinguish colors
          • Kneeling
          • Lifting
          • Pulling/Pushing
          • Reaching
          • Standing
          • Stooping/bending
          • Twisting
          • Walking
        • Frequently Performed (34%-66%):
          • Hearing
          • Repetitive Motions
          • Seeing/Visual
          • Speaking/talking
        • Constantly Performed (67%-100%):
          • Fingering/Touching
          • Grasping
          • Keyboarding/typing
          • Sitting

      • Job Hazards
        • Not Related:
          • Biological agents (primary air born and blood born viruses) (Jobs with Patient contact) (BBF)
          • Physical hazards (noise, temperature, lighting, wet floors, outdoors, sharps) (more than ordinary office environment)
          • Equipment/Machinery/Tools
          • Explosives (pressurized gas)
          • Electrical Shock/Static
          • Radiation Alpha, Beta and Gamma (particles such as X-ray, Cat Scan, Gamma Knife, etc)
        • Rare (1-33%):
          • Chemical agents (Toxic, Corrosive, Flammable, Latex)
          • Mechanical moving parts/vibrations
    • Essential Job Functions
      • Essential Functions I

        • Teaching

          • Factors: Instructional Responsibilities: Demonstrate effective instructional methodology.

            • Command of the subject and use of effective teaching/learning methods.

            • In conjunction with Program Director and/or Course Coordinator, facilitate clear formulation of learning objectives/outcomes demonstrated by thorough course planning, and thorough preparation for individual classroom, laboratory, and/or clinical sessions.

            • Skill in communicating with students and challenging them to go beyond what is required.

            • Effective course implementation through the use of a variety of instructional methods, as appropriate, to foster an environment to stimulate student interest and pursuit of learning.

            • Integrity, open-mindedness and objectivity in presenting material.

            • Ability to relate the subject to other areas of knowledge.

            • Collaboration with other faculty in the development of curriculum.

            • Systematicassessment of student learning.

            • Provisionof constructive feedback in a timely manner to students to foster professionaldevelopment.

            • Punctuality and reliability in conduct of classes.

            • Course revision as needed to increase effectiveness

            • Summarize (list in comments) any additional instructional responsibilities, activities, or accomplishment(s) for the review period.

        • Professionalism

          • Demonstrate interpersonal and team skills
            • Supports collegiality by behaving in a professional manner with faculty, staff and administration.
            • Responds to communications and requests in a timely fashion.
            • Treats staff and faculty in a professional manner.
            • Supports College strategic initiatives.
            • Responds appropriately to guidance and constructive criticism.
            • Maintains a professional appearance appropriate for the position.
            • Follows and understands the mission, vision, core values and Standards of Behavior.
            • Participates in required meetings and events as appropriate.
            • Fulfills mandatory job requirements (e.g., timely submission of syllabi and grades, AOR, maintenance of certification/licensure, related employee health requirements as applicable).
            • Summarize (list in comments) any effective instructional methodology as applicable for the review period.